Water Docs in retrospect

Ecologos is a network of volunteers, advisors, supporters, friends – who have been driving programs aimed at reviving a sense of reverence for water, informing about what threatens water, and stirring action to protect water for 17 years now. This year OUE has joined their best known program, the annual Water Docs Film Festival, in a bid to shed more light on what is under the water.

Liquid Mountains by Dave Sandford

Do you know how much energy it takes to bring water from Lake Ontario? Dragan does, now...

The festival revolved around various feature-length and short moves, and also had exhibits such as Dave Sandford’s acclaimed photos of spectacular waves in Lake Erie called Liquid Mountains, as well as Pedal Power and Water Shed live installations.

OUE brought some diving gear on Wednesday night, and also presented the OUC's Google Map-powered directories of dive sites. Many visitors were pleasantly surprised to learn that yo do not need to go to distant locations to enjoy interesting and rewarding dives.

OUE table at Water Docs

The feature movie of that night was Angel Azul produced and directed by Marcy Cravat. Initially conceived as an essay on the underwater art installations of Jason deCaires Taylor, it got a sudden twist when in the middle of filming significant ecological issues arose.

It would be cool to arrange the screening of the movie at a club event - like a lot of other content of Water Docs, it gives new information on the topics on which we thought we already knew just about everything.

There was a Skype Q&A session with the author after the movie.

Skype with Marcy Cravat - Ro asking the first question