Ontario Underwater Explorers

Board of Directors


Nicolien Veenhuizen


Nicolien has been diving since 1995 and a member of OUE since 1996.  She is both a warm-water and cold-water diver.  Nicolien continues to be one of the members who has been diving once-a-month, 12-months a year for over 20 years!


Louis-Pierre Dagenais

Director, Dive

Louis first initiation to scuba was cleaning underwater lights in public pool.  In 2017 he decided to start again and got certified. Louis dove on 4 continents and has over 150 recorded dives in cold or salt water.


Ro Omrow


Ro Omrow has been diving since 1986.  His love of James Bond and the Thunderball movie was the spark that lit his fire for SCUBA diving and the world underwater.


Brant Telfer

Director, Training

Too modest

Too busy


Carla Duncan


Carla was certified in 1990 but wasn't doing much diving until joining the club in 1994 and gaining so many new dive buddies. Carla dives year round but wishes she could find a way to keep her hands warm in the winter.


Boris Elster

Director, Marketing

In 2001, while in Puerto Vallarta, Boris went on a discover-scuba dive, saw his reflection in a pufferfish and never looked back.  Today, having been here and there, and done this and that, his favourite dive spots, by far, are Tobermory and the caves of Riviera Maya.


Melissa Soon

Director, Membership

Melissa is an AOW diver who loves the feeling of diving, even if there is nothing to see. You will see her often at the pool swimming or freediving.


Geoff Hogan

Scuba Swap Chair

Geoff first learned to dive over 20 years ago on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia while backpacking there. Geoff loves diving in cold fresh water and warm salt water equally as much. When not underwater, Geoff can be found fostering dogs and rock climbing.

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