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Ontario Underwater Explorers

New Members Welcome!

Membership Privileges

Your annual membership of $130 entitles you to several benefits:

  • Use of the 16-foot deep pool at the Etobicoke Olympium every Thursday night during our weekly swim time.

  • Priority reservations on our dive charters, which are arranged well in advance and occur about every other weekend from June to September.

  • Volunteer opportunities at our annual Scuba Swap. Great deals are available on new and used scuba diving gear.

  • Ontario Underwater Council (OUC) membership.  OUC is a non-government organization looking out for the best interests of scuba divers in Ontario. Membership in the OUC includes a limited liability diving insurance.  By becoming an OUE member, you automatically become an OUC member.

  • Every year, usually in November, the Ontario Underwater Explorers scuba club holds its Annual General Meeting. The club Executive Reports on past operations, as well as what's in store for the following year. Executive member positions are nominated and voted for by club members.

Our club members range from those who have only recently been certified to those who have hundreds of logged dives. We are not associated with a dive store, so there's no pressure to buy gear.  Join us today and enjoy diving through safety and fun!

Student and New Diver Discount

All year long, the Ontario Underwater Explorers scuba club is offering 50% off the regular membership fee for students (with student card) and newly certified OW divers with certificate cards (within 12 months or in progress at time of registration).

Before completing the registration form, please read:

Membership Form
Do you have a medical condition that might affect your ability to participate in diving activities.

Thanks for being a member!
We’ll be in touch with you shortly.

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